Judge Chris Phelps elected in landslide victory on May 24


Northern Judicial Circuit Superior Court Judge R. Chris Phelps won a landslide victory for a full term in office in the May 24, 2016, nonpartisan judicial primary election.

Judge Phelps received 64.77 percent of the vote while carrying all five counties of the Northern Judicial Circuit: Elbert, Franklin, Hart, Madison and Oglethorpe.

Judge Phelps was first appointed January 30, 2015, by Governor Nathan Deal and was sworn into office March 4, 2015. After his election, Judge Phelps will continue to serve through December 31, 2020.

A lifelong resident of the Northern Circuit, Judge Phelps began his career in the legal profession, the justice system and public service in 1976. While engaged in the private practice of law, he was a trial lawyer in both civil and criminal cases. He also served as Municipal Court Judge for the City of Elberton from 1977 to 1987 and as the attorney for the City of Elberton from 1987 to March 4, 2015. He has also represented the attorneys of the Northern Judicial Circuit on the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia for the past 32 years and served as chairman of the State Bar's Finance Committee for 10 years.

Judge Phelps is a graduate of the University of West Georgia and earned his law degree in 1976 from the University of Georgia School of Law. A longtime Scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts of America, Judge Phelps and his wife, Pamelia Jo Phelps, have two children and four grandchildren and are active members of the Elberton First United Methodist Church.

"It is an honor to serve as a Judge of the Superior Courts in the counties of the Northern Judicial Circuit, which is my home and where I have lived and worked throughout my career," Judge Phelps said upon announcing his candidacy. "I appreciate the support and confidence shown by the people of Elbert, Franklin, Hart, Madison and Oglethorpe Counties and pledge to continue serving as judge in an impartial and efficient manner, while  maintaining the high ethical standards expected of anyone who holds office in our justice system."

Thank you for your support and confidence

in a great election victory on May 24, 2016!